About Us


Leighton Engineering aims to be the quality supplier of premium threading and machining services to the Australian oil and gas exploration industries.  We also provide exceptional product quality and customer service by providing a safe, skilled and highly trained work environment for our 30 employees.  We focus strongly on reinvesting in our plant, equipment, facilities and people.  Financial growth and profitably will be the result of our vision.

Our Policy to all clients

Leighton Engineering has a client policy, where no job is too big or too small. We are equally committed to our industrial machining & fabrication clients, as we are to our smaller clients, who were our core business. Since 1991 we have provided a full range of services to accommodate the needs of our clients.

  • Full precision machining facilities
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Sandblasting & spray painting services
  • Welding & fabrication facilities
  • Procurement and Supply

Established Clients

Leighton Engineering has gained recognition in the machining, manufacturing & fabrication fields, of specific Australian Industries. We have well-established long-term clients, in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Forestry & Timber and Dairy industries, proving our track record of precision and excellence.

Our Staff

Our dedicated staff is a group of highly trained personnel, who offer a commitment to craftsmanship and detail. We have fully qualified precision machinists & welders, who have extensive experience in all facets of industry.

Quality Assurance

Leighton Engineering is totally committed to manufacturing products of the highest possible standard of quality and workmanship and to meeting the expectations of all customers.  Their number one priority is the safety of their employees and the quality of their product is exceptional.